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Crypto is FIRE: Terms

Terms of Use

Refunds and Money-Back Guarantee

Privacy Policy

Affiliate Structure

Affiliate Agreement Terms

CFIRE Affiliate Structure

CFIRE Membership Subscription Services

The CFIRE Membership NFT Access-Pass Package Levels, are as follows: 

  1. Flame (orange) – wallet setup + crypto tools = 0.01 ETH ~$20 (reg. $50) = 365 days
  2. Lightning (yellow) – DeFi yield lessons = 0.07 ETH ~$150 (reg. $250) = 365 days
  3. Ignition (green) – core = ~0.7 ETH ~$1,500 (regular $2,500) = 365 days, renew $1,500
  4. Meteor (blue) – pro level = 1.7 ETH ~$3,500 (reg $5,000) = 365 days, renew $3,500
  5. Supernova (indigo) – ultra = 3.7 ETH ~$7,500 (reg $10,000) = 365 days, renew $7.5k
  6. Prometheus (violet) – lifetime level = 12 ETH ~$24,000 (reg $30,000) = no renewals 

Pricing above is in USD (United States Dollars currency) and is only an approximate amount, as currently pricing on the site is in ETH, which is dynamic and can change. The USD amounts are only an estimate. Spark level crypto wealth profile is free.

Payment for the CFIRE program – into one of the membership NFT levels – can be done on a fiat debit or credit card or with an accepted cryptocurrency. The payment funds for this membership are held back for the first month and any commissions will be released to an affiliate upon the complete expiration of the money-back guarantee period. 

Any failure to renew a membership, or allowing it to lapse by an actual customer, resets the membership price back to the non-discounted regular standard base rate.

Affiliates get paid only to their own wallet in a cryptocurrency, in either a stable coin or a top 10 crypto asset (e.g. ETH or BNB), in arrears, on a monthly basis, minus any blockchain and administration fees for performing the transaction to pay affiliates.

CFIRE products are charged for in ETH, but affiliate payouts mostly happen with BNB (BSC).


To share and represent CryptoIsFIRE, you must first register to be an affiliate:

  1. Each new affiliate signs up here 
  2. They MUST register with their web3 crypto wallet and email to join as an affiliate
  3. Each affiliate should then customize their unique affiliate URL from that above link
  4. The registered affiliate can now go and sign up new members and also new affiliates under them. They would sign up new affiliates using this next type of affiliate URL, that they will share ONLY with new prospective affiliates. Please see this example URL for signing up new affiliates under them (Note: there is no charge to register as an affiliate):  
  5. Affiliates will share this next type of referral URL ONLY to new potential buying members (prospects), as per this example to earn on their first 30% commission tier.

WAIVER ON MEMBERSHIP GUARANTEE:  Each new affiliate who signs up as an affiliate waives their right to any CFIRE membership or product guarantees. Your registering as an affiliate instantly waives any refunds. If you want to start earning commissions as an affiliate, from the moment you sign up as an affiliate, you agree to waive and give up your right to the 30 day guarantee terms. This is due to the fact that CFIRE has to hold back commissions in escrow for at least 30 days to pay back any new buyer that requests a refund. To be eligible for affiliate commissions on any sales that you generate in month one, your affiliate registration is your agreement to “waive” any guarantee period. You will then be able to earn commissions on all referrals to all CFIRE membership levels below your own CFIRE membership level, plus one level above you from the day you register as an affiliate.

CFIRE Affiliate Referral Commissions Tiers

All commissions earned by an Affiliate for a completed transaction from a referral customer, shall follow the commission rates in these 3 tiers:

  1. 30% to the 1st tier affiliate of an active sale of a new member who onboards directly.
    1.  To qualify for an affiliate commission on the Ignition (~$1500) level, you must own at least a Lightning (~$150) or higher membership level.
  2. 10% to the 2nd tier affiliate (a passive income sale) – Qualifies only if:
    1. You make ONE or more qualifying sales of the Ignition (CFIRE3) product or higher within a month, sales value above USD$1500 in a month (if you the affiliate sells 12 Ignitions at any time, over USD$18,000 volume in a year, this qualifies you for the next 12 months of 2nd tier commissions)
    2. You are a Meteor NFT (~$3,500) level member, where to qualify you only need 1 Ignition sale a quarter (or 4 a year, or sales volume above US$6,000)
    3. Or if you own a Supernova (or Prometheus) level which would have you always qualify automatically every month for any 2nd tier (10%) commissions
  3. 5% to the 3rd tier affiliate (a passive income sale) – Qualifies only if
    1. You make TWO or more qualifying Ignitions sales (CFIRE3) or higher within a month, or sales above $3,500 in a month (or over $42k in a year, these are also cumulative, meaning the more Ignitions -or above- that you sell, for that next 12 months ahead you are qualified for these 3rd tier of commissions) 
    2. Unless you hold a Supernova membership which means to qualify you only need 1 sale every 2 months (or 6 a year, or sales above US$9,000 yearly)
    3. Or if you are Prometheus level which has you qualify for all 3rd tier affiliate earnings from one Ignition sale per quarter (4 a year, or US$6,000 yearly). 

POTENTIAL AFFILIATE BONUSES (paid out at CFIRE’s discretion):

  • 5% pool from all affiliate earnings paid as a bonus distributed, at times, only to the top twenty one (21) Meteor (or above) affiliates who have completed the most Ignition membership (or higher) sales in the past 30 days (to qualify, each affiliate must be a Meteor level and have done at least one sale in that past month). 
  • 5% pool from all affiliate earnings to be distributed, at times, to affiliates who have sold at least one new Ignition (or higher) membership sale in the past 30 days.

Example on how the 3 tiers work:

  1. Affiliate Alice (a 1st tier affiliate due to discovering CFIRE on her own, and registering as an affiliate), has been accepted as an authorized affiliate and makes a sale to a customer – Bob (who is her referral). Upon successful onboarding and expiration of the 30 day refund period, Alice has earned a 30% commission that will be released in the following month’s pay period, paid to Alice’s crypto web3 wallet in BNB.
  2. In month 2, Bob decides he wants to be an authorized affiliate so he registers, gets accepted, and makes a sale to a new customer – Malory (who is his referral). Upon successful onboarding and expiration of the 30 day refund period, Bob has earned a 30% commission, which gets paid to his web3 wallet in BNB.
    1. Alice then upgraded to the Meteor level to make sure she can earn that extra 2nd tier 10% commission (following her initial referral) because she made no extra sales in this month 2. Both these commissions will both be released in the next month’s pay period (following the expiry of the 30 day guarantee).
  3. In month 3, Malory decides he wants to be an authorized affiliate so he registers, gets accepted, and makes a sale to a new customer – Eve (who is his referral). Upon successful onboarding and expiration of the 30 day refund period, Malory has earned a 30% commission, Bob also upgrades to Meteor to make sure he can earn that 10% 2nd tier commission (from his initial referral), and Alice upgrades to Supernova to make sure she can earn a 5% 3rd tier commission (from her initial referral). All of those commissions will all be released in the following month’s pay period (following the expiry of the 30 day guarantee period).

CFIRE Member Yearly Renewals Pay Passive Earnings:

Affiliates also earn these same commissions on every member’s yearly renewal on all plans, year after year as a passive income, as long as the member themselves keeps renewing. 

Affiliate Pay Period:

Affiliates are paid a month in arrears, which is the following month, where they will be paid to their web3 wallet between the days of 15-30 of that next month. 

  • Affiliate commission payouts over $1000 done on a monthly basis. 
  • Affiliate commission payouts under $1000 done on a quarterly basis. 

10 Days To Close The Sale:

Referring affiliates have a ten (10) day period to close and lock in a sale. When an affiliate sends a potential buyer (or a prospect, or a lead, or even advertising traffic) to the main site using their affiliate referral URL.

However if that prospect does not buy the Ignition membership level or above, but instead registers only into a free Spark membership (or the Flame membership at abouts $20, or the Lightning membership at abouts $150) that prospect does share their email address and contact details with CFIRE for another affiliate to potentially close that sale. 

The referring affiliate has the first 10 days to close that sale into the Ignition level (or above) to earn the 30% commission, with the help of his or her affiliates’ team (CFIRE Circle). Otherwise, if the affiliate and their CFIRE Circle team (“upline”) cannot close that sale in those first 10 days, then that prospect can be passed over onto another affiliate team to close that prospect in the next 10 days, and that new CFIRE Circle team would then earn the affiliate 2nd and 3rd level commissions (the original referring 1st tier affiliate still gets their 30%). 

If after 21 days, neither of those teams can close, that prospect is then passed to CFIRE’s internal sales team for closing, forfeiting the others 2nd and 3rd tiered commissions.

NOTE :  CFIRE reserves the right to revise, modify, change, or amend these terms of Affiliate commissions structure or the Referral Plan at any time. All changes will be made effective by posting such changes on the Site or by notifying you via email. No such amendment shall be effective until at least thirty (30) days after the site posting or email notice, whichever occurs first. 

CFIRE Affiliates earn commissions on all levels below current membership plus next level above. 

As an Affiliate, your commission limit is just one level beyond your current membership. You can promote and earn commissions for all memberships below your current membership level, yet your commission ceiling is the next membership level above your current membership.

For example: if you wanted to earn commissions at the top Prometheus level, you would need to have purchased the level just below it, the Supernova NFT. And, to earn commissions on the Ignition (4th) level, you must have purchased the Lightning NFT for ~$150, which can then be applied for all NFT membership sales at all levels.

Upgrading a CFIRE Membership NFT Level Within 90 Days: 

If someone upgrades within the first 90 days, they simply pay the difference at the current discounted rate. Affiliates can also reallocate and hold back earnings to pay for their own NFT upgrade.

Upgrading a CFIRE Membership NFT Level After 90 Days: 

If an upgrade happens after the first 90 days, payment is made at the difference of the higher “normal NFT price,” which also increases any tiered affiliate earnings amount.

Agreement on Affiliate Compliance

All Affiliates must agree to: 

1. When using CFIRE and our Services, you must abide by all the terms and conditions of the Affiliate Agreement (published on this website), the relevant agreements, terms of use, policies (linked below), and all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

2. CFIRE is the sole owner and license holder for all Intellectual Property (“IP”), including trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and all technology related to the delivery of our website’s products and services. As an Affiliate, you have not been granted any right, title, interest, or license, exclusive or non-exclusive, to any CFIRE IP. Your Affiliate Agreement only permits a “limited use” exception for marketing purposes. You are also not permitted to use any CFIRE members only IP on any social media platform, pages or websites.

3. You may not identify, represent or hold yourself out as Crypto is FIRE, CFIRE, or as someone from the CFIRE team, or of a similar nature, to the public or on any social media platform, pages, or websites. You also may not use any DeFi platforms name from CFIRE courses, or mention any team member name at all, or community member’s name.

4. You must be truthful and accurate in all communications when promoting any CFIRE service or opportunity. False or deceptive claims about any CFIRE service or opportunity are strictly forbidden. You are not permitted to assert that any authority, individual, or group supports or sponsors CFIRE. When promoting any CFIRE service or opportunity, you may not use the intellectual property of another person or organization nor assert exaggerated claims to the profitability of cryptocurrency.

5. You are allowed to have only one membership account. You are not permitted to: 

  • open a CFIRE account in someone else’s name, a company’s name, nor under a false name; 
  • open a CFIRE account under any name just to receive Commissions, Bonuses, or any other form of payment, including without limitation incentives or prizes that may occasionally be awarded;
  • fund someone else’s account;. 
  • provide current or potential Sales with cash rebates or other financial incentives.

6. You promise to treat the online CFIRE community with respect. You will use common sense and fundamental manners, and when using our services. You promise not to: 

  1. disparage the goods or services of any firm or person in order to advance these shared objectives;
  2. pretend to be CFIRE, a member of our staff, or another industry expert;
  3. publish or link to any content on the CFIRE site;
  4. enquire about a user’s password or other account details;
  5. collect user data for any reason;
  6. use language that is insulting on the basis of race or ethnicity; talk about or encourage unlawful behavior; use language that is explicit or obscene; or ask for or post sexually explicit photos;
  7. harass, intimidate, or humiliate anybody;
  8. post anything you are not legally permitted to post;
  9. violate any laws, or make any false or misleading statements.

7. At CFIRE’s discretion, if we determine that you have violated the terms of the Affiliate Agreement in any way, we may suspend or terminate your use of CFIRE or the Services. You acknowledge and agree that any suspensions or terminations will be done at our sole discretion and that we can not be held responsible for any issues arising from your violation of terms.

“Dos and Don’ts” of ‘Crypto is FIRE’

All Affiliates agree to: 

1) Declaring your status as an affiliate and providing the necessary disclosures:

  • Tell people when you get paid – This covers advertisements, compensated reviews, and links to goods that aren’t your own (such as affiliate goods).
  • Indicate which pages include links – Even if you’ve already disclosed a certain affiliate link, it is good practice to repeat the disclosure honestly in a different portion of your website.
  • Even if unsure, be upfront – It won’t hurt anything, and it might even avoid future legal issues.
  • Just say it – Don’t ramble on and keep your disclosure brief.
  • ‘Trigger words’ should be used – It’s important to use language that makes it clear to your reader right away that you might get paid if they click on one of your links. “Compensation” and “commission” are two examples of these words.
  • Avoid using industry jargon – Use of terms that the general public might not be familiar with, including “affiliate” and “pay-per-click” (in connection to advertisements), should be avoided unless you directly explain them in your disclosure.

2) Making income claims with the right disclosures

An example (of a Situation): 

Alice is promoting the advantages of her network marketing company’s compensation plan in a video testimonial on YouTube. According to her, “In this business, when I recruited just 20 people, I was making over $2,000 per week!” The typical distributor in that program makes $500 each month.

Alice’s goals are:

Most likely, Alice wouldn’t want to disclose her income at all. Just being honest here. You seldom ever see any type of income disclosures in videos created by affiliates.

What Alice MUST DO:

The best option is a text disclosure displayed concurrently with the disputed claim and a more comprehensive audio/video structured disclosure at the conclusion of the testimonial. Alternatively, Alice could indicate to the audience that the disclosures are near the end of the video with a “visual cue” while the claim is being made in the video. She could include a visual cue with an illustration which explains how these results were unusual, and to please read the earnings disclaimer at the conclusion of this video.

Any video that makes an earnings claim must include an audio/visual earnings disclaimer at the end.  The Income and Earnings Disclaimer must specify (you can copy and paste the below):

“Neither this program nor CFIRE believes in overnight success. If you want to increase your income, we think you should work hard, be honest, and improve your talents. As required by law, we cannot and will not guarantee that using any of our products or services, or those we recommend, that you will achieve any results or make any money. When the ordinary person purchases any “how-to” knowledge, they rarely or never see any results. Any references or examples made on this page, by a participant on this page, or in a video are accurate and documented, however they are simply used as illustrations. Your results will vary depending on a variety of factors, such as your ability to adapt, experience, and work ethic, among others. Every business involves uncertainty as well as significant and ongoing work effort.  PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANY PRODUCTS FROM THIS PAGE IF YOU ARE UNWILLING TO ACCEPT THIS RISK.”

By being open and upfront (by following the above script), you will become more dependable, honest, and trustful, which will undoubtedly help you convert more qualified leads into sales.

3) Selling services as opposed to a “business opportunity”

Affiliate Terms You Need To Know

  • Always let people know that you are an affiliate and that you will be paid if they make a purchase using your affiliate link.
  • Never make an income claim without also making a suitable disclosure in the same medium (e.g., on video = video disclosure) nearby.
  • Posting screenshots of your back office shouldn’t be done.
  • In any video, article, or post referring to CFIRE, Crypto is FIRE or anyone in the firm, refrain from using the word “scam” as clickbait.
  • Avoid using the keywords “Crypto is FIRE” or “CFIRE” or any CFIRE team member name in any of your Google, Yahoo, or Bing advertising campaigns.
  • Sending emails with team member names CFIRE or Crypto is FIRE is prohibited.
  • Avoid using CFIRE, Crypto is FIRE, or anything else similar in domains, social media accounts, email addresses, business names, or websites.


  • Promote ‘Crypto is FIRE’ using the “Affiliate Resources” offered.
  • Participate in Crypto is FIRE forum discussions.
  • Contact or reach out to your leads through email, social media, or other means.
  • Use your real name or a distinctive business name on all websites, email addresses, and social media platforms.
  • When contacting your leads, send them an email from your personal or professional account.


  • Use any CFIRE (Crypto is FIRE) owned photos, videos, or other content in your promotion that is protected by copyright.
  • Spam leads about offers and services from CFIRE (Crypto is FIRE) by email, text, or social media
  • Claim to be CFIRE (Crypto is FIRE) or claim to be a CFIRE team member on social media, even if the account is being used to promote.
  • Make any other form of income claims in your marketing or provide commission screenshots from your back office.
  • Send emails under the name CFIRE (Crypto is FIRE).
  • Use CFIRE, Crypto is FIRE, or other names akin to these in any domains, social media pages, email addresses, company names, websites, etc.




Affiliate Agreement Terms

1. Purpose

The goal of the CFIRE Affiliate Program is to give independent persons the possibility: 

  • to discover financial freedom through a different kind of financial education; and 
  • to earn a commission by enlisting other independent persons in pursuit of their financial freedom.. 

CFIRE pays commissions for all completed transactions (from any referrals, purchases or sales) according to the structure in the Referral Plan.

2. Definitions

Capitalized terms used and not otherwise defined in this Agreement shall have the following meanings:

(a) “Affiliate”, “You”, or “Your” means any person or party who applies to become and is accepted as an affiliate to promote the goods or services of CFIRE, the CFIRE site, or after connecting to the CFIRE Site from the Affiliate Site.

(b) “Crypto is FIRE”, “CFIRE”, “We”, or “Us” means the owner and operator of the website: product, service, or platform. CFIRE also includes its agents, assigns, successors, officers, employees, or contractors who are expressly authorized to act on behalf of CFIRE.

(c) “Affiliate Agreement” or “Agreement” means this affiliate agreement between you, the accepted party or person and CFIRE. 

(d) “CFIRE website”, “website”, or “Site” means the ‘Crypto is FIRE website’ where the products, services or subscription membership services are delivered, distributed or fulfilled.

(e) “Membership” or “membership subscriptions” also mean being part of the CFIRE DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).  

(f) “Actual Customer”, “end-user customer” or “customer” means any real, existing and true person or party who purchases goods or services on the Site after connecting to the Site from the Affiliate Site.

(g) “Affiliate Links” or “Affiliate Code” means the banner, buttons, coding, URL or other manner in which a Customer or User is referred by an Affiliate’s code or site to the CFIRE website for the purpose of promoting the sale of goods or services on the CFIRE website. Affiliates Links are created so as to track potential Customers who are directed from the Affiliate Site to the CFIRE website and make a purchase which results in a ‘Completed Transaction’. (This is different from “links” that are not for the purpose of affiliate tracking, such as links within this Agreement or Terms of Use, that are placed there for your convenience.)

(h) “Completed Transaction” means the goods or services of CFIRE ordered by a Customer have been delivered or fulfilled, the return period has expired, and thirty (30) days has elapsed since the goods or services were paid for in full.

(j) “Days” means calendar days unless otherwise specified. 

(k) “Confidential Information” means all information that is (a) not public, (b) proprietary in nature, or (c) a trade secret. Confidential Information does not include information that: 

(a) is or becomes publicly known through lawful means; 

(b) was rightfully in provider’s possession or part of your general knowledge prior to the effective date of this Agreement; or 

(c) is disclosed to you without confidential restriction by a third party who rightfully possesses the information (without confidential restriction) and did not learn of it, directly or indirectly, from CFIRE.

3. Agreement and Acceptance

You are applying to become a CFIRE Affiliate and to enter into a contractual relationship by signing the Affiliate Agreement. All CFIRE Affiliates are subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.

Necessary Requirements to Become Accepted as an Affiliate

The following qualifications must all be satisfied by an applicant in order to be accepted as a CFIRE Affiliate:

  • You must be at least 18 year of age and not a minor in your place of residency (in order to receive commissions); 
  • Submit your registration application here  
  • Which confirms your complete agreement to Affiliate Terms to CFIRE; and
  • Receive a CFIRE email confirmation of acceptance of your affiliate application.

Submission of an Agreement:

Upon acceptance, you will be sent an email that references these terms of the Affiliate Agreement.

4. Amendment or Changes to the Terms

CFIRE reserves the right to revise, modify, change or amend the terms of this Affiliate Agreement or the Referral Plan at any time. All changes will be made by posting such changes on the Site or by notifying you via email. No such amendment shall be effective until at least thirty (30) days after the site posting or email notice, whichever occurs first. Even if we change this agreement later, the rights and obligations about money and fees that were in place before the change still apply to things that happened before the change was made.

Any relevant changes will also be announced in the official CFIRE materials. Any such revision, modification, change, or amendment shall take effect within thirty (30) days after notification through any one of the following channels:

  1. Posting on the CFIRE website’s official forum regarding the Affiliate Agreement, Referral plan, or Affiliate Structure;
  2. Email; or
  3. Through other CFIRE communication methods.

5. Refunds and Reversals of Affiliate Commissions

For all first time purchases, all NEW CFIRE Affiliates have a thirty (30) day conditional guarantee. However, there is ONLY a three (3) day return period for any additional purchases of CFIRE products and services. This is due to the commercial impracticality for returning the immediate benefits from a product or service of a digital nature.

NOTE: Please read the  ‘Refund & Delivery Policy’ in the Terms under Section 6. 

Any refunds of products or services shall result in the reversal of any commissions or bonuses related to that specific CFIRE Affiliate for that returned product or service. Even when CFIRE stipulates a return time for products or services that can be returned for a refund, there may be specific circumstances where CFIRE decides, at its discretion, that a return for reimbursement is appropriate in a given situation. All CFIRE Affiliates acknowledge and agree to this policy granting CFIRE the right to extend certain refund periods, including the right to recoup any commissions or bonuses paid to the relevant Affiliate as a result of a refund, even if the period extends beyond the anticipated refund period for that specific good or service. The maximum time period for CFIRE’s refunds extension will be no longer than 40 days.

6. Period of Payment Schedule and Currency

Your earned Affiliate commissions will be paid out on the 15th to 30th day of the following month, for the previous month’s referrals that have accumulated as a result of all completed transactions. 

For all sales that were completed two weeks in advance, affiliates will still receive monthly commission payments a month in arrears, minus any blockchain and administration fees for performing the transaction to pay the affiliate.

  • Affiliate commission payments over $1000 will be made on a monthly basis. 
  • Affiliate commission payments under $1000 will be made on a quarterly basis. 

The minimum commission payment shall be $200;  If you did not earn a minimum of $200 in a one month period, your commission will roll over to the next payment period until you meet the $200 minimum, which will then be paid from that quarter. 

As an affiliate, you have already stipulated your web3 wallet, a standard Ethereum EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) cryptocurrency wallet (starting 0x) into your back office in order to receive your affiliate commissions, paid out to you in crypto, to your digital wallet. If there are any issues regarding receiving your affiliate commissions. 

You manage your affiliate tracking, commissions and wallet here 

Payout Currency: 

The currency for all payments and compensation referred to throughout the Affiliate Agreement shall be based in BNB (BSC) or Ethereum (ETH) and paid out in either BNB or ETH currency to the affiliates digital web3 wallet address (starting with 0x). All payments to Affiliates will be priced in US Dollar (US$) currency, paid out in either BNB (BSC) or ETH.

7. Notices and How to Reach US

All updates, changes, notices, or other communications required or allowed under this Affiliate Agreement shall be sufficiently given if in writing and delivered by email and receipt is confirmed by CFIRE or if published on the Affiliate Agreement site. You, the affiliate, further acknowledges and agrees that CFIRE may make any update, change, notice or other communication by publishing and updating on the Affiliate Agreement site. 

Otherwise the notice or communication means may be agreed upon by both parties, before acceptance of this Affiliate Agreement, transmission via electronic means. 

Questions or Errors:

Any and all errors or concerns regarding commissions, bonuses, or charges must be reported to CFIRE within thirty (30) days of the date of the alleged error or incident in question, otherwise any such issues are considered null and void. You acknowledge and agree that CFIRE shall not be held liable for errors, omissions, or problems that are beyond the thirty (30) calendar days from the date of occurrence.

Constructive Criticism:

CFIRE is committed to supporting its Affiliates with the best services and incentive compensation structure. In light of this, CFIRE invites the submission of written comments directed to the organization’s leadership. CFIRE values constructive criticism. 

Any and all inquiries regarding the above can be directed to: [email protected].

8. Term and Termination

Start date and Duration:

This Affiliate Agreement shall commence upon our acceptance and notification of your true, complete, and signed application. Your Affiliate Agreement shall continue for the duration for one (1) year (365 days), and automatically renew the following year, until it is terminated by either you or CFIRE. 


You or CFIRE have the option to terminate this agreement by giving the other party thirty (30) days written notice. CFIRE reserves the right to terminate the Affiliate Agreement in the event of a material breach by you. Upon cancellation or termination, you may forfeit (lose) all rights in relation to any commissions, recommendations, or other compensation generated from your sales that have yet to be paid. If we terminate the Affiliate Agreement due to your breach or violation, we may seek such other relief, equitable and legal, as may be available by law. If you terminate the Affiliate Agreement, the Fees due and owing to you shall be paid as provided herein. Regardless of who terminates, upon termination any and all rights and licenses granted by us to you shall cease immediately, and you shall stop using and remove the Links and the Marks from your Affiliate Site. However, if CFIRE decides to: 1) halt operations; 2) dissolve as a legal organization; or 3) cease distribution of its products through Affiliate channels, CFIRE reserves the right to terminate all Affiliate Agreements with thirty (30) days’ notice by email or by website publication or announcement. Any breach of this Agreement or obligation arising under it prior to termination shall not be voided by the termination of this Agreement by either party.

9. Independent Contractor

As a CFIRE Affiliate you do not own a franchise or invest in a business opportunity; instead, you work as an independent contractor. As a result, you are free to build your own financial freedom; we simply provide the tools and a path for you to get there. The success of each Affiliate depends on his or her own independent efforts in time management, daily routines, and focusing on the right things. There is no employer-employee relationship, agency, partnership, franchise, or joint venture between you and CFIRE. 

As an Affiliate, you do not have any authority to act on behalf of CFIRE, and shall not enter into any agreements or obligations intending or alleging to bind CFIRE. Affiliates will be notified if CFIRE is required to make any filings (reporting) or required to collect any taxes.

As an independent contractor, you will be running your own independent business and promoting goods and services offered by CFIRE based on your own work efforts. You will have complete control over how many hours you choose to commit to your business, as well as how those hours are scheduled. If you earn commissions of more than $600 in a year and reside in the US, we may notify you and you may receive an IRS Form 1099-MISC that details the income that was paid to you in that year. Each Affiliate is solely responsible for his or her own tax reporting and tax obligations due to any compensation distributed to you. 

10. Limited License Rights

  1. When you place one or more of the Affiliate Links on your Affiliate Site, you are subject to CFIRE promotional guidelines, these links may contain Logos, and Trademarks.
  2. Pursuant to this Agreement, CFIRE grants you a non-exclusive, limited, non-transferable, and revocable license to display the Links on your affiliate site. In no way does this Agreement give the Affiliate permission to post the Links on any other site or for any other purpose beyond the scope of this agreement unless Affiliate has received prior written permission.
  3. Affiliates may not add, alter, edit, or delete anything from the Links or Marks. 
  4. In addition to the above, you agree not to acquire or attempt to acquire, register, or attempt to register, make a claim to or in any way use domain names, trademarks, keywords, handles, screen names or other forms of identification incorporating the Marks.
  5. All intellectual property rights in the Marks, and any goodwill generated by your use of the Marks shall be solely for the benefit of CFIRE.
  6. Upon termination of this Agreement, the rights granted in this provision shall be revoked immediately.

11. Promotion, Sales Tools and Prohibitions

You acknowledge and agree to use only permitted, official CFIRE literature to promote all CFIRE products and services.

Sales Mission:

CFIRE’s mission is to promote a different kind of financial education. We do this by enrolling end-user customers and assisting them at different customer phases or levels. The promotion and sale of CFIRE products and services to the actual customer is the foundation of the referral program. 

Use of Sales Tools:

Affiliates are required to use the sales tools and support materials created by CFIRE for promoting CFIRE. Despite the best of intentions, Affiliates can unknowingly risk breaking numerous consumer protection laws when creating their own sales tools or promotional materials (which includes Internet advertising). 

Due to this, Affiliates must submit all additional sales tools or promotional materials for prior written permission. This includes any written sales aids, promotional materials, advertising, websites, publications, or any other materials beyond that provided by CFIRE. The request shall be regarded as prohibited unless and until the Affiliate receives express written permission for the specified promotional content. All Affiliates have a duty to preserve and maintain CFIRE’s brand integrity, trust, and reputation.

Affiliates may neither develop his or her own website to promote CFIRE nor build any third-party websites that contain copied content without CFIRE’s written permission. CFIRE’s trade names, trademarks, service names, service marks, product names, URLs, advertising phrases, CFIRE’s name, or any derivative thereof, may not be used or attempted to be registered by an Affiliate for any purpose, including but not limited to Internet domain names (URL), third-party Web sites, Web pages, or blogs.

Prohibited – Bonus Buying Is Not Allowed:

Bonus purchasing is not permitted and is forbidden. Bonus buying is: 

  1. enrolling individuals or entities as Affiliates or Customers without their knowledge or without their execution of an Affiliate Agreement; 
  2. fraudulently enrolling an individual or entity as an Affiliate or Customer; 
  3. enrolling or attempting to enroll inactive individuals or entities as Affiliates or Customers (also known as “phantoms”); or 
  4. making purchases of CFIRE goods or services on behalf of another Affiliate or Customer.

It is forbidden to churn or encourage purchases for the sole purpose of generating commissions.

12. Income Disclosure Policy

You have read, acknowledged and agree with the section titled: Income Disclaimer. To comply with standard business practices, CFIRE has created an income disclaimer. The purpose of the CFIRE income disclaimer is to provide accurate, up-to-date, and thorough information regarding the potential income of CFIRE Affiliates. A copy of this income disclaimer must be sent to all potential Affiliates to comply with this requirement. You can print or review the income disclaimer directly from the website.

13. Crypto is FIRE Referral Plan Guidelines

All Affiliates are required to follow the guidelines outlined in the official CFIRE materials for the Referral Plan. Affiliates are prohibited from: 

  • inducing or enticing any current or potential customers or Affiliates to act in any way that deviates from the program as outlined in Official CFIRE Materials;
  • encouraging any current or potential customers or Affiliates to make any purchases from or payments to individuals or other entities other than those that are specified as recommended or required in Official CFIRE Materials in order to participate in the referral program.

CFIRE reserves the right to defer commission payments until the total sum surpasses $200 in an effort to reduce administrative issues.

CFIRE Affiliates are required to examine their monthly referral statements and notify us of any errors within THIRTY (30) days after receipt. After this thirty-day “grace period,” no further requests for commission recalculation can be taken into consideration. Please examine CFIRE’s Affiliate Structure for further details on commission payment.

Please examine the Affiliate Tracking System for additional details on how your referrals and sales are measured.

14. Compensation, Affiliate Cookies

Subject to your referral cookies, you will be compensated based upon the actual paid purchase price for each “Completed Transaction” purchase by an actual customer (also deemed as a referral). In accordance with the “CFIRE Affiliate Commission Tiers”, a commission is earned each time a purchase is a result of the affiliate’s efforts and the 30-day guarantee period has passed (expired). The actual commission rate is outlined in the Affiliate Structure section “CFIRE Affiliate Commission Tiers” in the amount set forth in the applicable affiliate referral commission tier agreed with CFIRE (the “Commission”) for each prospective customer who meets all of the requirements for a “completed transaction” purchase.

Affiliate Link: 

Affiliates upon registering automatically get their own referral link, or referral URL that is specifically connected to you as an accepted Affiliate in this Agreement (referred to as an “Affiliate Link”). Affiliate may share his or her Affiliate link with prospective customers and if a prospective customer uses the Affiliate Link during the first 25 days when purchasing a product, service or membership subscription, and CFIRE accepts the Affiliate sale associated with the purchase, such prospective customer will be deemed an actual customer, and the affiliate will earn their commission.

15. Fulfillment and Customer Information

CFIRE is solely responsible for the fulfillment of orders and processing of the products, services and memberships offered on the site. This shall be governed by CFIRE’s terms and conditions. 

All information regarding any orders, and customers data are the sole and exclusive property of CFIRE.

16. Representations and Warranties

You acknowledge and agree, or represent and warrant that:

(a) You are legally capable and authorized to enter into this Agreement; and, if you represent an entity, all actions necessary to authorize you to enter into this Agreement have been taken. 

(b) You are the sole owner and operator of your Affiliate business. 

(c) Your Affiliate business does not and shall not:

(i) depict any minors or anyone under eighteen (18) years of age;
(ii) contain material subject to 18 USC §2257 (records-keeping requirements);
(iii) contain any information which you know or reasonably should know is false;
(iv) contain or transmit any apps or programs that are or can be installed or downloaded to a Customer’s computer or other device without the Customer’s express and knowing consent as to the exact nature, purpose and function of such apps or programs;
(v) use the Company’s name or the Marks in any form of unsolicited communication, including unsolicited email (spam).

17. Disclaimer, Limitation of Liability


CFIRE makes no representations or warranties as to the Site. To the maximum extent permitted by law, CFIRE disclaims all representations, warranties and conditions, express and implied, including the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title and non-infringement. The Site is provided “as is.”




For purposes of this section, any reference to “CFIRE” shall include the Company’s officers, employees, principals, agents, successors or contractors. 

18. Waiver;  Class Action Waiver 

You acknowledge and agree to unconditionally waive any and all claims against CFIRE, our agents or successors, regardless of the bases upon which such claim(s) may be made or may be based on, arise in connection with or be related to any of the following acts, circumstances or conditions:

(a) the Site is partially or totally inoperative or inaccessible;

(b) there are bugs, errors or inaccuracies in the Site;

(c) a suspension, termination or other action was taken with respect to your account by CFIRE even if such suspension, termination or other action resulted in a loss of profits to you;

(d) any claim relating to a change in this Agreement by CFIRE;

(e) withholdings, deductions or offset in connection with payment of Fees due to applicable tax or currency control restrictions.

Class Action Waiver:

Class arbitrations and class lawsuits are not permissible in any arbitration under these Terms; Only individual disputes will be arbitrated. Regarding any claim, you may not serve as a class representative or take part on behalf of any group of claimants. 


19. Confidentiality, Trade Secrets, and Proprietary Information

You acknowledge and agree to hold all information regarding non-public confidential data, Trade Secrets, and Proprietary Information in STRICT CONFIDENCE and with the highest standard of care for the sole benefit of CFIRE, both during the term of this Agreement and at all times even post-termination, and shall not use such Confidential Information for any other purpose beyond this affiliate agreement, whether or not for consideration, business or personal, other than as necessary for the performance of your part to this Agreement. You shall not disclose any Confidential Information to any person or entity, other than to persons necessary for purposes of performing your obligations to this Agreement, and you shall have executed agreements of confidentiality that are no less protective than this Agreement, without CFIRE’s prior written consent. You shall use the highest standard of care to protect all of CFIRE’s Confidential Information, that includes Trade Secrets and Proprietary Information. 

Confidential Information includes any and all information taught to you about specific cryptocurrency tokens, coins and also any specific DeFi platforms, projects, investments.

For purposes of clarity, your confidentiality duties include taking ALL actions necessary to ensure that your affiliates, employees, contractors, agents and any other party who has access to any CFIRE Confidential Information MUST not share any such cryptocurrencies or DeFi projects, and must comply with all CFIRE terms in their entirety, most importantly you agree not to divulge any details about any of the DeFi or crypto platforms or strategies taught in CFIRE. Not following this agreement results in your affiliate account getting terminated along with all your earnings.

You acknowledge and agree that the database of potential and current members is another example of the information gathered or maintained by CFIRE that constitutes a commercially advantageous, exclusive, and proprietary trade secret of CFIRE. CFIRE grants you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, and revocable right to use trade secrets, confidential business information, and proprietary information (Proprietary Information) for the duration of your Affiliate agreement. 

You shall not use CFIRE’s confidential information to compete, circumvent, or use outside of this Affiliate relationship or for any other purpose except to promote CFIRE’s products and services during the term of this Agreement. You understand that such proprietary information is special in nature and that disclosing or using it in violation of this clause will cause CFIRE irreparable harm. CFIRE is entitled to and reserves the right to injunctive relief and damages from any Affiliate who violates this right in any action in Arbitration under this section.

You agree that your duty and obligation includes not to circumvent and compete with CFIRE in the Affiliate agreement, whether directly or indirectly, and whether independently or through a third party. This shall not be affected by bankruptcy, receivership, assignment, attachment or seizure procedures whether initiated by or against the Recipient, nor by the rejection of any agreement by the Disclosing Party and Recipient, by a trustee of Recipient in bankruptcy, or by the Recipient as a debtor-in-possession or the equivalent of any of the foregoing under local law.

If you are required to disclose Confidential Information by demand of a lawful court order, subpoena or similar legal request, you will immediately notify CFIRE in writing by email of the request and cooperate so that CFIRE may seek an appropriate protective order. You must not use, copy, publish, distribute or summarize any Confidential Information as explained here.

Please email your questions or requests to: [email protected]
with the subject line “LEGAL-CONFIDENTIALITY”.

20. Non-Solicitation

You acknowledge and agree that you will refrain from encouraging, soliciting, or making any attempt to enlist or influence any CFIRE Affiliate to engage in any competition against CFIRE while you are still an Affiliate  for a period of ONE (1) calendar year after your last day of resignation or termination from CFIRE. Additionally, unless you can prove a pre-existing relationship before this Agreement, you agree not to hire or solicit any individuals or businesses included in the CFIRE member database for any rival business during the same time period.

Further, you promise to avoid making any unfavorable, harmful, or derogatory remarks to harm CFIRE’s reputation, to discourage other Affiliates from joining CFIRE, or to discredit CFIRE in any way that constitutes a violation of these Policies and Procedures, and may result in sanctions such as suspension or immediate termination.

21. Intellectual Property

Affiliate acknowledges and agrees to make proper use of all Intellectual Property, Trademarks and Copyrights in the manner and form currently used and approved by CFIRE. 

CFIRE’s advertising materials must be used in their original format; they cannot be edited, amended, or altered without CFIRE’s prior written permission. The term CFIRE, each of its product names, and other names that CFIRE has used in connection with its business are all owned by CFIRE and are either proprietary trade names, trademarks, or service marks. As a result, CFIRE values these marks highly and provides them to Affiliate for a limited, approved use.

CFIRE respects the Intellectual Property rights of others.  Please review the section regarding: Intellectual Property, Copyright and Trademark Policy in the Terms of Use.  You acknowledge and agree to comply with all the Intellectual Property policy rules as applied to any and all advertising or promotional materials.

22. Assignment

You may not assign, transfer, or otherwise negotiate your rights or the fulfillment of your obligations under the Affiliate Agreement to a third party or any other party without CFIRE’s prior written agreement. 

23. Applicable Law

Your agreement with CFIRE regarding our products or services including any other agreements, shall be governed by and interpreted in all respects in accordance with the laws of Singapore. This is without respect to Singapore’s rules on conflicts of laws. 

24. Resolution of Disputes, Arbitration

All disagreements regarding the interpretation of these terms or disputes arising out of or in connection with this Affiliate Agreement or its terms, including any question regarding its existence, validity or termination, shall be referred to and finally resolved by arbitration administered by the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (“SIAC”) in accordance with the Arbitration Rules of the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (“SIAC Rules”) for the time being in force, which rules are deemed to be incorporated by reference in this clause. The parties recognize that by agreeing to arbitrate disputes, they are giving up any potential right to a jury trial. 

The forum of the arbitration shall be seated in Singapore. The parties may agree to a virtual hearing via videoconference.

The Tribunal shall consist of no more than three (3) arbitrators, one chosen by each party and a third arbitrator agreed to by both parties. For disputes less than US$2000, the Tribunal shall consist of only one (1) arbitrator, whom will be chosen by CFIRE or its agent.

The language of the arbitration shall be in English.

The arbitrator may not decide on the basis of equity.

In respect of any court proceedings in Singapore commenced under the International Arbitration Act 1994 in relation to the arbitration, the parties agree (a) to commence such proceedings before the Singapore International Commercial Court (“the SICC”); and (b) in any event, that such proceedings shall be heard and adjudicated by the SICC.

Arbitration shall be final and binding to both parties. In any arbitration arising out of this Agreement, the arbitrator shall award to the prevailing party, any legal fees incurred by the prevailing party that may arise from the Arbitration. Both parties shall keep the nature of the Arbitration confidential, except where prohibited by Law. 

25. Indemnification

You acknowledge and agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless CFIRE, its directors, officers, employees and successors against all liabilities, damages, losses, costs, fees (including legal fees), judgments, fines, refunds, or expenses relating to any allegation or third-party legal proceeding to the extent arising out of: (a) Affiliate’s participation in the Program; (b) Affiliate’s website(s), Affiliate Brand Features and CFIRE’s use of any Affiliate content (provided that such use complies with the requirements of this Affiliate Agreement); and (c) Affiliate’s breach of any representation or warranty in this Agreement. 

Any oral or written claims about CFIRE goods, services, and referral fees that are not specifically authorized in Official CFIRE Materials are solely the responsibility of the Affiliate. This clause shall remain in effect, even after this Agreement is terminated.

26. Severability

Any section of this agreement shall continue in full force and effect (valid, legal, and enforceable) even if one or more terms are found to be not applicable, invalid, unlawful, or unenforceable. 

The unenforceable portion of any section of this agreement shall be deemed to be severed from the remaining enforceable sections and it shall remain valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law. If any section of these Terms of Service is found to be unlawful, void, or unenforceable, such determination shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any other remaining section. 

Any prior agreements, understandings, and obligations between you and CFIRE regarding the subject matter of your contract with CFIRE are superseded by the provisions of this Agreement, including all documents incorporated herein by reference. 

27. Entire Agreement

These Terms, along with any other terms or privacy policies referred to herein, constitute the entire agreement between you and CFIRE, and supersede any earlier agreements or understandings with respect to any subject.

Any right or provision of this Affiliate Agreement that we do not execute or enforce in accordance with law does not constitute a waiver of any those rights or provisions.

All prior or contemporaneous agreements, communications and proposals, whether oral or written, between you and us (including, but not limited to, any earlier versions of the Affiliate Agreement) are superseded by this Affiliate Agreement, including any policies or operating rules signed and agreed to relating to this agreement.